In aid of the Rennie Grove Hospice Care and published by Creative Ink Publishing. Edited by Jan Moran Neil & Adrian Spalding.

When This Is All Over ...

220 Rainbow Writers across the world have donated their bite-sized stories about life during the Covid pandemic in no more than 220 words.

This book includes words from: a BAFTA award-winning screenwriter; a founder member of Poets on the Underground and Signal Award winner; a Forward shortlisted poet; a renowned children's TV writer; many published poets and authors as well as doctors, nurses and front line workers. But people from New Zealand to Newcastle have had the courage to let their words sit alongside others who have writing certificates; people who have maybe not taken pen to paper or placed hands on laptops to tell their stories since they were at school. And indeed some of the writers are still at school and hoping the schools will remain open. Rainbow writers all.

This gem of a time capsule tracks the four seasons of 2020-2021 in a wash of diverse emotions and diverse poetic and narrative forms from a diverse people. But the colour of hope is always yellow ...

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These are just a few of the scores and scores of emails Adrian, Jane and I have received. As well as the glowing comments on Facebook about Linda Ralph's cover. Suzie Cullen is now busy on social media promoting and so many of you are helping her. Thank you. And don't miss Lesley Christofi's poem at the end!

The anthology is a thing of beauty and wonder born out of one of bleakest periods in living memory for many people in the world. Many congratulations and I will do my bit to spread the word to all my contacts. Pat from Beaconsfield

This is wonderful news! Also, I looked up Rennie Grove Hospice Care and it is less than 10 miles from my friend Smokey in Watford, so I will order him a copy! Thanks so much for your work on this project and for making my day!! Avra from California. That's the best thing someone has said to me in a long time. Cristina from High Wycombe

Thanks so much for this, I'm so pleased you enjoyed my piece and I'm delighted that it's made it into the anthology! I'm really looking forward to reading everyone else's contributions. I hope you sell loads - I'll certainly promote it as much as I can. Andrea W from Scotland Many thanks for accepting my contribution. All fingers, toes and eyes crossed for huge sales, and thank you and everyone else involved for putting this book together and funding it. Geraldine

That is great and made my day - will put in a few orders! Thanks for organising it all. Vicky from Cambridge

Thank you for the great news. This is Tinaya's first ever publication. She is delighted. I can't thank you enough for helping and shaping her writing skills. Tinaya's mum from Ickenham, London

I can't stop crying! What an honour to be included and what a wonderful thing to have to show my son some day. Pregnant Esther from Oxfordshire

I was absolutely delighted to receive your email and the thrilling news that my piece will be part of the anthology. Jude from Northumberland

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be selected to be a part of it. I have been beaming all day, and have ordered a copy, as has my sister...and I suspect my mum. Sarah from Nottingham

This is very exciting, and more so being part of the anthology which focuses on such a momentous year. I am looking forward to reading everyone else's work, and I think it is a great touch to have added blank pages for people to record their own thoughts in the book. Maureen from Northumberland

How exciting ! You have cheered me up no end on a wet and miserable day. I am a published poet ?? Lesley from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

O wow, this is amazing news; so exciting! Thank you so so much! I am so grateful! Dialina from Cape Town, South Africa

Thank you for being the inspiration for something I will now finally get down to doing with purpose. Charlotte from Cape Town

I hope it doesn't sound silly but thank you for all your time and effort on this. Chloe from Cornwall

It's so lovely to feel a part of my family is represented in the book. Marion from Dorset

Thanks so much for this, it has lifted my writing slump. Claire from Scotland

Shared to my publisher on twitter, FB and the BBC!! Virginia from Suffolk

I can't tell you how thrilled, excited and totally gobsmacked I am!!! Thank you so very much for including not one, but both of my submissions in 'When This is All Over' with the proceeds going to a very worthy cause close to my heart. I have just ordered 4 copies immediately to give to my family on Father's Day. Linda from Beaconsfield

It must have been an incredible amount of work. What a wonderful accomplishment! Penny from London

Thank you for your email and great news! I've already purchased the anthology, due for delivery tomorrow. Congratulations to you and Adrian, and well done also, Jane. Reggie -a transplanted American

What great news to receive on a rainy morning! Olivia from Buckinghamshire

To be able to play a small role in giving something back is very special and it is wonderful to have my first poem published and in such great company. Chris from Leicestershire

I've been questioning the time and effort that I put into my writing lately. And your email means so much more than just an acceptance of a submission. It means I'll push forward, keep creating and as my submission states, keep investing in myself. Julie from Cambridgeshire

Wow! Thank you so much! You have no idea how grateful I am to be included in the anthology and how much it means to me, as a new writer to be included in this book and for such a wonderful and worthwhile cause! Angela from Liverpool

So months ago I got asked to write a little something about my experiences looking after Mum during the lockdown. I am very pleased to announce that My Poem for Mum was published in this wonderful book. Thank you for letting me be a part of this. It's so nice to have my thoughts and feelings written in a book and it will mean my mum will have something printed about her forever more in black and white. Eddie from Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire