A President in Waiting

A President in Waiting by Jan Moran Neil, with Khuls Nkatshu directed by Amy Leigh Vermaak. Khuls Nkatshu The play premiered at the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, Masiphumelele, Cape Town in November 2014. In February 2016 it was performed at the Gugu s'Thebe Theatre in the township of Langa as part of the Zabalaza mini-festival and then transferred to the Masambe Theatre, Baxter, Cape Town in March 2016 as part of the main Zabalaza festival. It has also appeared on Cape Town TV. The play is available for performances in schools and communities. Contact Jan or

"Almost a one woman show, Khuls takes on the roles of three generations and even a couple of presidents, with convincing skill. The remarkable acting talent of this young actress, Khuls Nkatshu, is harnessed and moulded with incisive directing (and some singing and acting) from Amy Leigh Vermaak (ALAS Academy). Well done for this co-operative production which beautifully illustrates some of the best and worst aspects of our beloved South Africa, past, present and future. It deserves to be shared with all South Africans." The Echo

"The humour, poignancy, joy, and sadness of the times were evident in her performance too. All in all, this is a very entertaining and pleasing first performance of Moran Neil's play." The South African
Longlisted for the British Theatre Challenge

The Deadly Factor

The Deadly Factor written and directed by Jan Moran Neil. First production August 2010.

'A mightily entertaining onslaught from a young cast full of vim and vigour. To a man, and woman, the troupe performed superbly well.  At the start, one character extols, "Celebrity is the new religion," and from then on (almost) all hell breaks loose. The direction was tight and controlled." Bucks Free Press.

'Cutting edge drama. Top-drawer talent. Sin, sex and the desire for celebrity status make for a dramatic and intoxicating cocktail. An innovative and entertaining piece of new drama, rich in polished performances by a 'wicked' cast deftly directed.' Bucks Examiner

Good Things From Bad Rubbish

Good Things From Bad Rubbish written and directed by Jan Moran Neil. First production June 2009.

Creative Ink For actors performed Jan's play commissioned by Bucks County Council for Recycling week June 09 - Street Theatre, Aylesbury.

Brave Hearts & Baggage

Brave Hearts & Baggage written and directed by Jan Moran Neil. First production December 2008.

'Jan Moran Neil's sharp, witty dialogue is expertly handled by a talented cast. Their timing, a crucial element in this fast moving production, is faultless.' Bucks Free Press

'It is a play bursting with wit and energy - a frenetic romp through the angst-ridden, self obsessed world of today's young things. The direction remains tightly controlled under the firm hands of Jan Moran Neil and Mike Breen. The casting is spot on.' Bucks Examiner

Blackberry Promises

Blackberry Promises written and directed by Jan Moran Neil.

'Remember the late 1950s? 'Lollipop' and 'Living Doll' on the juke box: boys in natty suits, their hair slicked back in Elvis quiffs; girls in puffball skirts - all of them with one thing on their minds.

'Blackberry Promises' is an evocative exploration of teenage sexuality. Excellent and hugely enjoyable, presented with flair and commitment.' Bucks Free Press

'First play is a winner. Beautifully crafted and thought provoking. The cast was excellent.' Bucks Advertiser

'A gritty tale of late fifties' life which doesn't need to whet the audience's appetite with recipes. Superb acting. All in all a promising new start for a promising new company.' The Stage

Bucks Free Press reviewer's choice of 2003 - 'A terrific new play with a cast to match.'