By Jan Moran Neil. Published by Cranthorpe Millner.

Shakespeare's Clock

It's 1984. Patricia Vickers returns like a phantom to deliver an unwelcome revelation. Jayne Thornhill is reminded of those spiteful 1960s' schooldays: bullying, Charlie the skeleton, séances, strip poker and sexual encounters with the school's handymen. Jayne's confessions have now been whitewashed from lavatory walls, only to be unearthed in a third school friend's 1969 diary. A cloud of sadness is now cast over the three women's lives and only by revealing their own stories in later life can they move the stubborn hand of the undertaker's clock forward. In doing so, something shockingly out of line is revealed ...

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Bookstagram and Other Review Quotes: Honest and Unpaid.

5.0 out of 5 stars A Captivating Read!

I was captivated by the story from the first page. Jan Moran Neil has done a brilliant job of recapturing the feeling of being a fifteen year old schoolgirl in the late 1960s. I never went on the school bus, but it rekindled many memories for me. The plot is well constructed and seeds sown early in the novel grow towards a brilliant final denouement. I look forward to reading anything else that Jan Moran Neil writes. Sue Johnson - Amazon

I have been OBSESSED with this book, it has been so difficult not to stay up until 2am to find out about the secrets in the past of the main characters. The style of writing completely drew me in, it felt like I was overhearing a conversation but I'd missed the key points at the start and was desperate to know more! Thank you for letting me be part of the tour. This was such a good read. @bookish_reader21

This was like a blast to my past, remembering the bus journey to school. I really enjoyed how the story focused not only on different points of view, but different timelines. @mrsbookburney

This is a 1960's girls' school where the school reputation is put before right or wrong. Truth is not always convenient, and isn't that always the way? I've been pretty gripped by this story. A recommended read. @adperfectamconsilium

Something a bit different but with very interesting characters. @duckfacekim09

Just finished this and boy, what a ride. It's not often a story comes along as satisfying as this one. @candy.smellie

I was flying through the book needing to know more and when revelations came out I was unexpectedly shocked. This was a brilliant, captivating read and I couldn't put it down. @lets_escape_with_books

The characters are beautifully developed and purposefully written. It's sad, it's a little dark and it builds immensely up to what I can only describe as an impeccable finale. 5 stars from me. And one that will stay on my shelf, and with me, for a long, long time. Well done on an amazing read. @shejustwantedtoread

5 out of 5 stars. Goodreads review. A brilliant book - beautifully crafted and very difficult to put down. I highly recommend it. Caroline Francis. Goodreads.

A real page turner. Gill Hull

Loved the book. Gripping, inspirational, logical and very well written. Looking forward to more please... Malcolm Parr - Marlow Radio Presenter

5 stars - Amazon review I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. From your mean-girl characters, to the twisty turny end, it was a great read. I admire your prose very much. Lorri Nicholson

I really enjoyed your book. Chris Johnson

Blimey, am emotionally exhausted! So many twists I didn't expect! Loved it - read the whole book in a weekend. Suzie Cullen

What an amazing thing to achieve - you're a great writer and although I found the content uncomfortable at times, it was so beautifully written and kept me on the edge of my seat (well bed actually). Charmian Hoare

Big congrats on your book! I recommend it, great story! Flip Webster

What an achievement! Jan deftly creates a vivid sense of time and place and the characters are finely drawn. Mike Gray

The author skilfully demonstrates all the weaknesses and duplicities of the characters. I found the book hard to get into at first but once you get to the tragedy and begin to discover how all the characters are linked to it, it becomes very engaging and page turning. Sheila Johnson. Goodreads

5 stars - Goodreads review. A beautifully crafted story of relationships that evolve over the passage of time. Adrian Spalding

Five Stars. SJ Robinson Goodreads

The Frost Magazine and Five Star Amazon Review: Beginning in the 1960s the structure's foundations are securely laid, and it proceeds to be mapped with fulsome use of letters and diary entries by the main characters Jayne, Patricia, Rachel Shelly, Danny and Benji, all of whom are linked, rather than bonded together by tragedy. The varying points of view, melded with time travel (from 1969 to 2020) are nonetheless tracked, and revealed. Shakespeare's Clock's raison d'etre is to expose the intricacies of bullying, relevant in an age when bullying - ranging from face to face to anonymous trolling on social media give pause for thought. Wickedness, weakness, duplicitity, and almost collusion are revealed. Where does bullying end, and collusion begin? Well, that's a question to ponder. I found the book rather hard to get into, but in due course it became engaging and relevant. Natalie Jayne Peeke, West Country Correspondent

Five Star Amazon Review - Like an onion! I enjoyed peeling back the layers of characters and their relationships Starts slowly with what feels like an unreliable narrator and lots of characters. Stick with it. Beautifully layered and intriguing with wonderful nods to the decades in cultural and musical references. A really enjoyable read, which challenges the notion of 'turning a blind eye'. Really enjoyed it. Cutchie

Just when you think you are never going to find out all the details, the gaps start being filled in and it builds to a surprising denouement. I felt completely transported back to my schooldays in the second half of the book and the politics of school life remind us of how that experience can affect your future life. The author combines mystery with social observation, characters that live and elements of a thriller. Kevin F

I couldn't put Jan's book down once I got into it. Food for thought and certainly extremely well-written. Granny Witch

Five Star Amazon Review -The tale of Shakespeare's Clock evokes all the horrors and consequences of bullying and a culture of non-disclosure in a girl's school in the sixties. Several young lives were impacted in destructive ways that carried through to adulthood. Not a cosy read, but intriguing and engaging to the end. Would translate well to the theatre! Burns

Five Star Amazon Review - There is so much to enjoy about this book - the time shifts do not in any way hamper that enjoyment. The language of the girls is so right that I was immediately taken back to my own school days (thankfully without a 'Patricia') that I could feel as if I'd met them. Do buy a copy of this book - you won't want to do anything else until you've finished the last page. C. Smellie

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this. All the twists & turns keep you guessing right to the end. Loved it. Jenny Cross

Shakespeare's Clock launch

Jan is available for readings from her novel Shakespeare's Clock (50 mins plus Q&A).

Below are reviews and reactions from the launch event and recent readings. Contact Jan for more information and availability.

Launch of Shakespeare's Clock with Creative Ink for Actors - October 2nd 2021

Great launch! Your three girls were outstanding. Michelle Gunner

Thank you for inviting me today. What a lovely occasion. I'm so proud of you Jan. Well done. Heather Smith

Yesterday was just wonderful...what a brilliant performance - and such a happy event - with people coming out to support you from far and wide. Suzie Cullen

It was a brilliant book launch. So glad to have been there to share that moment in excellent company. Moyra Zaman

Your book launch yesterday was sooo inspiring! On what was the wettest, gloomiest, day of the year my spirits were well and truly lifted! It was so good to talk and mingle with other writers 'off line' and your trio of amazing readers did a superb job of marketing Shakespeare's Clock. I now can't wait to read my signed copy. Linda Storey

A lovely session! Chris McDemott

I really enjoyed your launch! I'll suggest your book as a potential choice for my book club. Claire Overton

A very enjoyable launch. The performance was professional and the audience friendly. Most interesting Q & A. I expect the book will sell as the subject is perennial. Pamela Mintner

A great afternoon at the book launch of Shakespeare's Clock by Jan Moran Neil. Great to finally meet you in person. Laura Sansom

So thrilled for my friend and fabulous tutor Jan Moran Neil. We enjoyed a wonderful performance of some key scenes from her new book at her launch event yesterday... Looking forward to a good read. Catherine Klyhn

Watford Writers - October 4th 2021

An immensely enjoyable and informative evening - thank you. From the group.

Marlow Radio - October 15th 2021

I was very moved by this powerful excerpt. It's a traumatic topic and the book will hopefully help people in a cathartic way. The women have to face up to their past and by sharing our trauma and getting help, we are getting help. Josie Jacobs/Positive Psychologist.

Chorleywood Bookshop - November 17th 2021

I enjoyed the evening. Pamela Mintner

Great performance, Jan. I really enjoyed the reading. Helen Nicell

Wycombe Sound Radio - November 26th 2021

I have just listened to your chat on Wycombe Sound. Very interesting and well done. You should do an audio book version of Shakespeare's Clock. Your voices for the characters worked so well. Trevor Oughton

All came across well and sounds good. Colin Besley/Radio Presenter

I've just listened to your broadcast from Friday, excellent! Pat Abercromby

Cranthorpe Millner's Video - December 2021

I can't wait to read this. Nick Staverson

A brilliant read and brilliantly read too. Geoff Buckingham, playwright.

I enjoyed your reading, both in content and in execution. Mya Roberts.

Marlow Radio's 'Hope for New Year's Eve' interview 2021

Thank you Jan for your usual impeccable contribution to today's radio programme. It was perfect. Malcolm Parr, presenter.

Mary's Workshop and Reading - January 2022

A really lovely evening that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. A huge thank you, Jan. Mary Robinson.

Watford Young Theatre Workshop and Reading - February 2022

A truly wonderful day! Vedi Roy - Creative Facilitator and National Theatre actor

Heartbeat FM Radio George, Western Cape, South Africa - March 2022

Jan, thanks a million for an excellent interview. Gilbert Matthews, presenter.

What an awesome interview. Thank you for your availability and contributions. It means a lot. Mbulelo Ngcobo

Scribblers, Cape Town - March 2022

I really enjoyed your reading at Scribblers, with your brilliant accents and expressions. Thank so much for contributing to our session. It always adds an element of international expertise when you are there. We have missed you during the pandemic and hope to see you again soon. Karen Gray-Kilfoil - Organiser

Marlow Radio - April 2022

Thank you for the inspiring broadcast today. It drew some very favourable comment. Malcolm Parr - presenter.