Chalfont St Giles and Jordans Arts Festival - May 2022 - Memoirs Workshop

Thank you for joining us at the Chalfont St Giles and Jordans Literary Festival 2022! Your writing class on "Writing Memoirs" was very well received indeed. I spoke to several people who enjoyed the class immensely. Some said they had learnt so much or had even been reminded of things long forgotten. Others said they appreciated a "different" approach to the subject.
Kathleen Martin - Chairman

Thanks, Jan and I echo Kathleeen's words as well.
Sue Dorman - Organiser

Thank you for a very interesting session, Jan. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot!
Wendy Nicholls - Student

I would like to thank you for a splendid workshop. I have to admit I felt more than a little overwhelmed by all the well-educated and beautifully spoken participants, but with your excellent skills as a seasoned writer and facilitator my fears quickly melted away. Meanwhile, I soldier on in my writing with increased confidence, thanks to you.
Christine Voge - Student

I very tentatively submitted my first draft to Jan Moran Neil who not only offered me valuable feedback but, more importantly, inspired me. Without her belief in my writing ability, I'm not sure this book would have been born.
Dinah Latham author of 'Walking Forward, Looking Back' published by Troubador/Matador

When we lost our son Will I began working on my collection of poetry My True Son. Jan was a huge help with her gentle and sensitive guidance and editing advice. I then began work on my second book, Aspects of Loss - A Companion for Bereaved Parents and their Families. Both books were published by Moorleys Print and Publishing. I could not have achieved all this without Jan's invaluable advice and expertise.
For further information visit GillHartley.com.

I first met Jan at one of her screen writing courses and instantly knew I'd met someone special. I have since taken a number of her Creative Ink for Writers courses. It was whilst attending her lessons that I planned out and completed the first draft of my children's novel Callum Fox and the Mousehole Ghost. Jan was a tremendous support in pulling it together, and by reading passages to her and her classes I was able to gauge what worked and what needed more editing. Her classes were a very important part of my journey from concept to publication.
'Callum Fox and the Mousehole Ghost' by AC Hatter is published by Woodside White Books and is currently the number 2 bestselling eBook in its Amazon category.

If your writing needs a little boost, I can't recommend one of Jan's courses highly enough. Great like-minded company, talking about our own manuscripts, brilliant tuition, good coffee, lovely surroundings, plenty of feedback on your own writing -with free critiques from Jan included in your course fee and not forgetting an inspirational teacher who really knows her stuff.
Trudie Thomas - author of 'The Last Post' - winner of the children's book award at Winchester conference.

My novel 'Jaz Matunde and the Final Flight from Barfield' was long listed for the inaugural Pan Macmillan Children's Fiction prize this year. It wouldn't have happened without Jan's patient critique. Jan gently pointed out places where attention and discipline were needed to help it turn out just right.
Philippa Brewer, now has a literary agent with her books written at Creative Ink.

Jan is a rare teacher whose love and knowledge of the written word always amazes. She has a knack for 'showing and telling' the complex art of writing. I have been attending her Creative Ink classes for more than two years, and every class always brings me a new perspective. Jan's expertise and advice has undoubtedly helped me in achieving the positive publishing interest in my work at the last St. Albans writing conference.
G. Gibson - synopsis winner - St Alban's Writing Conference. Galit Gibson now has a literary agent with books written at Creative Ink.

I found Jan's classes great for building my confidence.
Jackie Marchant, author of 'I'm Dougal Trump and it's not my Fault' PanMacmillan.

Jan Moran Neil greatly contributed to the play's success.
Fauzia Rahman, author of 'The Philospher's Tale' performed at the Camden Festival.

Your comments and suggestions were invaluable. This certainly wouldn't have been the same book without your help.
Steve Givens - author of 'Indian Gold' and other books published by New Canaan Publishing.

Jan's dedication to would-be writers cannot be appreciated unless you sit in on her classes.
Ed Guziejka - author of 'Pain - My Friend' Infinity Publishing.

Jan has put me forward for writing commissions. I can always count on her for encouragement and inspiration.
Jenny Hammerton - author of 'For Ladies Only' published by The Projection Box and Chic Chat contributor.

In a lifetime of teaching and being taught, I would rate Janet Moran Neil among the top handful of teachers I have met. This being for enthusiasm, thoroughness of preparation and marking, subject knowledge, vivacity and class empathy.
Alan Halstead - author of 'On Sunlack Hill' - winner of the Writers' News Poetry Collection Award.

Jan's voice coaching gave me much more than I hoped for. Developing awareness of the linkage between breathing and the quality of my voice projection has produced lasting benefits. Overall I have gained confidence and influence as a professional trainer.
Management Trainer

Today I have been for an interview with SAGA for a retirement job and had to give a ten minute presentation. I got the job and without your encouragement would probably never have applied.
Retired SRN

I learnt more from Jan as a teacher and director in six weeks than I did in 8 years in the business.
Adam Geraghty - Actor and ex-student

The work of our fiction and non-fiction writers is currently being published in local and regional magazines.

Cruising Writers

It was if you opened a door and light streamed in. Thank you.
Shelia Holroyd

I am going to return home after this voyage of creativity and discovery a completely different person. Thank you for igniting the fire!
Bethany Breeze