Red Lipstick & Revelations

Red Lipstick & Revelations

Red Lipstick & Revelations includes international prize-winning and commended poetry. The poems take you on an unexpected and winding journey: from the African night air to Montreal, the road to Strathclyde or the Stranraer ferry, shipwrecked, silver surfing or dressed to kill, we encounter love, loss, lamentation, laughter - and lipstick.

Published by Indigo Dreams Publishing (Most Innovative Publisher/Saboteur Awards 2017).

Available from Amazon and on Amazon Audible or Jan.

On Silver Surfing : 'A lovely poem, with a beautifully confident voice, starting in medias res as Shakespeare sometimes does too, and a vivid, beautifully contemporary take on the universal feeling addressed by Shakespeare's Sonnet 30. Lively, alert, convincing language.' - Ruth Padel

'Jan Moran Neil's poetic narratives are vivid and succinct small slices of other people's lives, conveyed with wit and sympathy.' Jem Poster - Emeritus Professor of Creative Writing, Aberystwyth University

'A hugely ambitious collection, encompassing a wide range of themes, narrators and forms. The amount of thought and craft that has gone into this portfolio is admirable.' Dr Sarah Burton - Course Director of Creative Writing MSt, University of Cambridge

'I think you'll enjoy this collection. It's interesting and thought provoking.' Frost Magazine

'A sinuous and stimulating book and formidable collection of word art.' New London Writers

Amazon Reviews:
'A beautifully personal collection of poetry. Fabulous!',   'Clever, funny, poignant... these poems stayed with me long after the book was closed. Great for mind and soul, this is a collection I shall return to often. Definitely recommend.',  'Beautifully crafted and at the same time full of surprises.... ah now I get the title! Clever.'

Jan is available to present her one woman readings and stories behind the stories of Red Lipstick & Revelations. For more information contact Jan.

Blackberry Promises

Blackberry Promises - the novel - some of the many reviews on Amazon:

I absolutely loved this book - 9/10 - Marlow FM Radio, 'Gripping debut novel', 'A real page turner', 'Totally absorbing', 'You won't be disappointed', 'A great yarn', 'Highly recommended', Beautifully written', 'Evocative and enthralling'.

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Serving Bluebird Pie

Serving Bluebird Pie

Serving Bluebird Pie - A collection of short stories and poems, including 'Death by Pythagoras' - Jan's BBC Radio 4's prizewinning story.
Available from Jan at £4.

'Death by Pythagoras' short story - winner of the BBC Writers' New Competition and broadcast on Radio 4.

'Dear Peter' won the Soundworks Monologue Competition and was broadcast.

'Miranda and her Madam' - one of 30 finalists in the Africa Book Club Short Story Competition 2018 and published in The Wrong Patient and Other Stories. Available on Amazon.

For the Silent - a poetry anthology for the League against Cruel Sports including Jan, Simon Armitage, Margaret Atwood, Philip Gross and Ted Hughes, published by Indigo Dreams in 2019 and available on Amazon.

The poem 'Sunday Shoes' was one of three winners and one of the three commendations in Enfield Poets International Poetry Competition (1000 entries) and can be read on - May 2020.